Оптимизирано проследяване, Цялостно проследяване, Естествено раждане, Секцио - цезарово сечение, Раждане с дула, Водно раждане, Дирижирано нормално раждане
бул. Симеоновско шосе 4А, гр. София




IVF - confidential and personal

Dr Lachev, there are around 32 IVF laboratories in the country. How should we choose the right one? Large laboratories usually work on conveyer. In our laboratory, based on a…

24/7 Doctor on call in “Saint Lazar” until you give birth

Each woman who has chosen to become a mother in Maternity Hospital “Saint Lazar” can count on her doctor 24/7. She can call him, whenever she feels it is necessary,…

"Saint Lazar", where life begins

I couldn’t really decide which hospital is preferred the most for consultation, check-ups or delivery, according to all shared comments and opinions in many of the forums, which I read.…

The place, where the babies of foreign managers are born

Baby in the family! Such a joy, wonderful emotions……..and so many worries. Especially when this awaited event is about to happen thousands of miles away from home. How and why…
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